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Civic Engagment Nerd Squad is owned and operated by Ronnie Smith. Mr. Smith is a City Recorder and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Coordinator for a small city in Orgeon. As a City Recorder, Mr. Smith is the custodian of the citywide public records, archives, and codification. He gets to ensure accurate documentation of city government activity by recording the City Council operations and managing public records and archives.

The City Recorder provides executive-level assistance to the city manager. Mr. Smith also ensures that the city website is up to date. The duties of a City Recorder differ from that of a GIS Coordinator. GIS Coordinators get to support and manage GIS applications based on growing city demands.

The city administration outlines specific goals and objectives which need planning and coordination of GIS activities. As a GIS Coordinator, Mr. Smith is responsible for developing quality control standards for system applications. The task includes but is not limited to analyzing and resolving system issues on time. It is also the responsibility of the GIS coordinator to support the design and creation of geospatial databases and maps. Other tasks include capturing data, analyzing GIS products, overseeing data flow, management, distribution activities in support of GIS, and maintaining geospatial documents for reference purposes.

With a GIS certificate from Portland Community College, Mr. Smith must comply with GIS standards and quality policies to ensure safe and ethical practice. Mr. Smith likes helping his work colleagues and preparing an annual budget, system design, and supporting development work plan for complex projects. He particularly enjoys providing technical guidance to GIS users when needed. He also likes to stay abreast with the latest development in the GIS field as a way of earning credibility and identifying new growth opportunities.

When not working, Mr. Smith would be volunteering at the Humanitarian Open Street Map Team (HOT). HOT is an international team dedicated to community development and humanitarian action through open mapping. Mr. Smith is also a member of several lodges and shrines and regularly volunteers for the Freemasons. As part of advancing his career, Mr. Smith is currently working on obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Urban and Public Affairs with a minor in Community Development and Geography from Portland State University. He has a goal of achieving his Doctorate in Geospatial Science. He currently lives in Beaverton, Oregon. He is originally from Valley Springs, California.

Ronnie Smith
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