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The 3D maps have proved themselves more superior in giving accurate scale and detailed maps. 3D geospatial maps are a representation of the scale of real-world objects (Jacob). This concept has led to the development of Project Anywhere with extended reality. The Project is an illustration project for various realities in 3D geospatial projections of the current time. The idea was first created at the end of 2020 where Epic Games, Nvidia, Microsoft, and Cesium (3D geospatial leader) in the Virtual Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation, and Education Conference (News Desk). In the virtual conference, the Project was broadcasted all over the world using high-resolution 3D Tiles. The content was posted from the cloud using Unreal Engine broadcasting capabilities. This allowed the attendees to run it from their household devices. They had managed to create the concept version of Project Anywhere with extended reality tools.

The technology was discovered to be evidence of a scalable instantaneous interactive simulation environment. In 2021, the Project has improved by streaming it using the Microsoft HoloLens 2 (News Desk). The new broadcasting platform has allowed for better interactivity and engrossment of XR experiences to project anywhere. Microsoft's Mixed Reality Toolkit has created the graphical outputs and control to enable the user to control the application. This application allows the operator to pinpoint a region and maneuver from the space view, and form more specific identifications such as terrain and buildings. The 3D navigation system is automatically broadcasted from sources such as Bing Map. These sources are provided by Cesium for unreal plugins and do not require manual creation. The technology has been very efficient because it has catered for; planning, building information modeling, and disaster response (Jacob). This Project is a way to increase the efficiency of 3D geospatial technology. The Project will be showcased this year (2021) at the GEOINT Symposium, 5 October to 8 October, in St Louis, MO (News Desk). Ensure you subscribe to the blog to get more informative and captivating blogs like this one.   Work Cited Jacob, Aaron. "What Is 3D GIS And What Are Its Uses?". Geospatial World, Accessed on 6 October 2021.

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