GIS Needs Assessment and Implementation Planning

A successful GIS program starts with an implementation plan. This is a multi-year plan that includes a budget that allows for developing a full-scale GIS program from the planning and design to the deployment. Civic Engagement Nerd Squad analyzes existing data and staff, hardware, and software that is being used. All system users are interviewed to see how they are using GIS and what they are trying to accomplish.

Civic Engagement Nerd Squad will look at the computer devices they are leveraging, the software, and even the peripheral devices such as scanners and printers. Once analyzing all of the relevant data, the Nerd Squad will create a report that details the GIS system and its uses, identifies what is lacking or inefficient, and generate a report on how to resolve any issues and make the system much more efficient.

The Nerd Squad will also recommend all the necessary data layers that could be created to

enhance the system’s value, any hardware or software upgrades, and even some options for staff training to better utilize the system. An annual breakdown of tasks to be completed and the associated costs for budgetary purposes is created. Usually, this plan will encompass five years of development, with the sixth year moving to the system’s maintenance phase.

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