Civic Engagement Nerd Squad has the best GIS consultants in Oregon who can deliver you assistance and solutions tailored to your business requirements. GIS brings it all together and gives you a clear picture of your community. In GIS, there is a spot for every feature and resource through which you can look at data from numerous sources, systems, or departments using that location. GIS mapping is becoming more popular with each passing day as GIS technology includes 3D visualization. GIS is utilized in Geo designs to automate the estimates of risk, sensitivity, hazards, capacity, proximity, vulnerability, accessibility, and other aspects that may guide design decisions. As a result, this makes it easier for planners and the public to compare and assess alternative designs. Communities can increase sustainability and livability while reducing the total time spent on design projects by adding GIS into the planning process.

We understand that every industry needs GIS maps prepared along with the data and other variables as the characterization of a map and its components utilized to produce a GIS Image of the GIS map would noticeably depend. Considering the industry’s requirements beforehand is essential, and that’s what we do. We are the ones to manage digital mapping data and variables and carry out extensive analyses to cater to any geographical queries of our clients. Our experts bring years of industry freelance expertise in GIS consultancy, providing you with a broad spectrum of services for the clients based on their project requirements. Our primary focus is to plot maps for our clients, resulting from a comprehensive analytical understanding.


We provide expert consultancy services for a variety of industries regarding but not limited to:

  • GIS Map Production

  • Data Management and Digitization

  • Analysis of Satellite Imagery

  • GIS Web & App Development

  • Custom Cartography

  • GIS Modeling & Analytics

  • Surveying and Data Collection

  • Remote Sensing

Cenerd Squad has GIS consulting firms across Oregon, allowing you to work on your GIS projects in the most streamlined and effective way, from project planning to implementation and system maintenance. We understand that having a GIS Project Manager by your side is essential for the growth of your system. That allows you to keep the project moving in the right direction, coordinate efforts, and promote partners in the project.

Early in the developmental stages, there may not be enough work to justify a full-time position. Cenerd Squad can provide one of our freelance GIS specialists to fill this need part-time. Having an experienced GIS Manager available over a call can prove extremely valuable when required. Cenerd Squad can provide a combination of off-site and on-site personnel to assist you with your projects.