Team Meeting

"I have also collaborated and cooperated with nearly every aspect of Local State and Federal Government (i.e., Army Corp of Engineers, FEMA, Oregon Dept. of State Lands, Oregon State Archives, Oregon Dept. of Transportation, Coast Guard, Fish and Wildlife, Oregon Dept. of Forestry, Clatsop County, and Washington County, etc.)." ~ Ronnie L. Smith

Meet the Civic Engagement Nerd Squad Team


Civic Engagement Nerd Squad is owned and operated by CivPRO Executes, LLC, a company that values creating positive change.

As a company, we move beyond the apparent and open people’s minds to new possibilities to progress. “What you know is not enough; you need to understand the why!” It’s only through asking questions that we’ll get to know each other and by listening carefully to what you have to say that we will. The more we learn about you, the better we understand your wants and concerns. Civic Engagement Nerd Squad gathers the best resources and knowledge on GIS data to encourage civic engagement.

Creating positive change frequently means shaking things up and refusing to accept the first option offered. Although the future we want may be vague at first, such as how to get there, our curiosity leads us on a journey of discovery and iteration. In the face of ambiguity, we investigate and fill knowledge gaps. We have credibility because we can explain why because we understand why. This aids in the conversion of hearts and minds and creates a sense of trust. Friendship grows as a result of this.


  • We observe the world through the eyes of others, then search for the perspectives others overlook. We can also question ideas deliberately with purpose, evidence, consideration, and humor by constructing a vision as we go, based on the facts we uncover.

  • We offer nuanced responses to difficult circumstances by combining current facts, intelligent analysis, and careful consideration of the human component.

  • By challenging assumptions, asking questions from our clients, and pushing ourselves the extra mile, we learn to explore and learn new ideas.

  • We strongly back our data based on facts and don’t make assumptions based on stories.


  • We collaborate with the general public and our esteemed clients to improve outcomes, enable challenging conversations, and advance the common good.

  • We communicate with clarity, honesty, and practicality to develop trust, laying the groundwork for successful teamwork.

  • We enhance our clients’ skills,  perspectives, and experiences to serve their communities better.


  • We are flexible and adaptable when it comes to meeting the needs of our clients.

  • We use critical thinking and new information, even if it contradicts what we previously believed to be correct.


  • We benefit from various perspectives spanning several identities that are complicated, overlapping, and interrelated.

  • We aspire to empower communities to shape their futures actively.

  • We conduct our job with the goal of achieving reasonable assessment and results.

Our passion is working with you and in the public interest!